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Reaching the right lead in the correct audience through creative, efficient, and massive digital and omni-channel campaigns, we improve and increase brand awareness

List Management

List management comes as one of the most relevant aspects of a successful email campaign and that’s where it’s really important for you to ensure that the list is up to date, accurate and in accordance to your specific brand or entity. When we talk about the lists in an email campaign, it’s mostly about details like email addresses, personal details, location and so on and management of all these details holds the key to the success of the same email campaign over the time

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is certainly one of the most trending topics in the business world currently and if you look into its definition, it’s largely about using the digital modes (Social media and Internet) in order to market your specific list of products and services to big audience. Still it’s more about the implementation part of the overall digital marketing strategy if you really want to bring a big difference in your business’s visibility amongst its potential customers online.

Demand Generation

Demand generation is largely about creating a sense of urgency amongst your targeted customers to get on board with your specific products and services. This can be done whilst bringing various strategies and methodologies in use where the core motive is to educate the customers about the qualities and effectiveness of your list of products and services.

Data Integration

Business enterprises around the world can operate in a better and more efficient manner if they use their existing data in a more strategic manner in order to achieve organizational goals. Same data may exist in several forms like CRMs, ERPs, Mobile app or so on but collating that data and bringing it to use for the betterment of the business functions still holds the key.

Data Appending

While your business has to thrive in the global competitive markets with some great services and deliverables on board for your clients and customers, ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of your existing information databases holds the key all along the process. Here at Data Infomatix, you can stay ensured of getting the best Data appending services which can certainly give a big push to your Multidimensional marketing efforts alongside.

Customer Profiling

Customer Profiling services at Data Infomatix

Before a business gets ahead with their sales and marketing strategies in the business markets, knowing their customer is one of the first pre-requisite in the same context. This is where efficient customer profiling helps you in ascertaining “who are your best customers” and “where to head finding more like them”.

Performance Focused, Digital Marketing Firm.

Data Informatix upholds its reputation due to its outstanding commitment to promises. 20% of B2B marketers globally are already using our data solutions.


This long list of customers show’s the quality services delivered by Research Reach. Our experienced data scientists work closely with the clients to provide such exceptional service.


We are also into various data services that are specifically designed to meet business requirements. It helps firms to manage their data efficiently and boost revenue.

We run email campaigns on the safest of servers with an emphasis on clean and white-list IPs and domains.

Account Profiling

Technology Insights

Data Enrichment

Account Profiling

Data Appending

Technology Insights

Data Cleansing

List Building

Phone Appending

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B2B Marketers

27% of B2B marketers in US have already used Thomson Data’s data solutions.

50 Million B2B Contacts

We offer a robust and accurate B2B database to support your marketing campaigns.

2.4K+ Customers Served

An increasing number of customers trust us with their database requirements.

40% Customer Retention

Our commitment to quality is the key to successful customer retention.

150+ Data Scientists

We have expert data team who ensures authenticity of every record.

Max Industrial Coverage

There are multiple selects to choose from to build your targeted list.

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Based on demography

Data Informatix continuously gathers analyzes and manages in-house data from a variety of sources.

We gather our data from many Trade shows, Magazines, Directories, and Public records, etc. Once we collect the data we send it to our data verification team, to work on these records. They append the mailing information. And our Tele-verification team verifies the data over the phone call. We send an opt-out email with opt-out links to all the emails that we append, asking if they are willing to subscribe for third-party emails. When they give the permission we add it to our master database as opt-in emails.

Date | Time

Venue Name

A Proven Process for Revenue Impact

At its core, our methodology is a very human process; it’s our team working with your team to deeply understand your needs and then provide targeted solutions that dramatically improve your revenue performance. It is a fundamentally collaborative and agile approach that gets tailored to your specific goals, needs, and budget.



Verify & Validate


Industry as well as the required research and analysis

Data compilation from trusted resources as well as match from our master database

We verify our data with industry standard tools that are reliable.

We do in-time delivery. Every time. That is our USP!

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Accurate Data

Each of our records is updated once in every thirty days and validated against the most popular regulations and laws (Can-Spam, NCOA, FISA...) resulting in very high response rates.

Email Campaigns

We run email campaigns on the safest of servers with an emphasis on clean and white-list IPs and domains.

High ROI

With inexpensive lists and high response rates, our clients enjoy turning few hundred dollars on business databases into thousands of dollars in sales.

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